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qBraid partners with Quantum Algorithms Institute


qBraid Partners with Quantum Algorithms Institute

August 30th 20201 [Chicago]

qBraid and Quantum Algorithms Institute partner to accelerate the pace of quantum computing in British Columbia and beyond.

qBraid is announcing a partnership with Quantum Algorithms Institute (QAI), an institute based in British Columbia, Canada. qBraid and QAI have a shared vision of educating the quantum workforce and accelerating the pace of quantum computing in British Columbia and beyond. Through this partnership, qBraid’s Learn and Lab platforms will be made accessible to educational institutions and other organizations in the British Columbia area for quantum software and research training.

“There is no viable quantum ecosystem without a quantum workforce, and there is no quantum workforce without quantum education,” said Mehdi Bozzo-Rey, QAI’s Director of Business Development. “For this reason, I am excited for QAI to be able to start delivering educational training via the qBraid platform, which will have a great impact on research and collaboration not only within QAI community, but also—by extension—the Canadian quantum ecosystem as a whole.”

Alongside access to qBraid Learn and Lab, QAI researchers will gain first-access to the upcoming qBraid-SDK, allowing quantum software developers to run quantum circuits on any available quantum computing under a unified interface.

“qBraid is excited to be accelerating the adoption of quantum computing at organizations based in the BC area with the help of QAI’s extensive network throughout Canada,” said Kanav Setia, founder and CEO of qBraid

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qBraid is a leader as a cloud platform for quantum software development. With proven usage at the world’s top hackathons at QuantX, MIT, Stanford x Yale, and NYUAD, qBraid’s users can easily get started on quantum computing and then can dive deep into complex algorithms related to financial optimization, quantum machine learning and more - all in one platform. qBraid is on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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