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It can be difficult to understand the value of quantum computing and how to filter out the hype. At qBraid, our research scientists are pioneering experts who can guide your enterprise on where—and how—quantum computers can help build deeper technical moats.
qBraid has conducted work with multiple Fortune 500 companies, and is focused on developing a streamlined software package to ease access to QPUs. Additionally, qBraid will develop quantum algorithms for enterprises which can serve as POCs that use quantum-inspired approaches for optimization problems.
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San Jose, California

Quantum Computing for Flight Trajectory Optimization



Quantum computing hardware companies can focus on the important task of improving their hardware with qBraid. Take advantage of our software stack including on-premise and docker-based deployments with quantum control, as well as pre-configured Python, C++, and Julia environments for your team to easily obtain benchmarking results.
Offer prospective enterprise clients a tailored interface where they can learn how to use your hardware and quantum computers without any installation or setup. Just start coding on our award-winning platform and execute jobs on your quantum hardware or noise models instantly.
A Quantum Startups Platform

Recent projects

Tokyo, Japan

Quantum Chemistry Benchmarking with NVIDIA GPUs on qBraid



qBraid has long supported academic programs at institutions such as MIT, Stanford, Yale, and the University of Chicago. With our White House Q-12 Initiative-endorsed course and countless sponsorship of the world's biggest quantum computing hackathons and events, qBraid is constantly pushing to make quantum computing accessible.
Most notably, qBraid's platform is widely used in academic settings, with over 8,000+ users choosing qBraid as part of their quantum journey.
ACademic Programs

Recent projects

San Francisco, California

Intel Quantum SDK Version 1.0

Chicago, Illinois


North Carolina