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Intel Quantum SDK Version 1.0


Intel is one of the world's largest semiconductor chip manufactures based in Santa Clara, California
San Francisco, California
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At qBraid we're committed to building the best platform for quantum computing and data science tasks. Use C++ on our platform with exclusive access to Intel Corporation Quantum Lab by request. Try qBraid Lab and explore all the possibilities in quantum sciences with us.

"The Intel Quantum SDK includes an intuitive user interface based on C++, a low-level virtual machine (LLVM)-based compiler toolchain with a quantum runtime environment optimized for executing hybrid quantum-classical algorithms and a high-performance Intel® Quantum Simulator (IQS) qubit target backend. Future releases will feature different qubit target backends, including a quantum dot qubit simulator and, eventually, an Intel quantum dot qubit device as the target backend will also be offered." - About the Intel Quantum SDK

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Tokyo, Japan

Quantum Chemistry Benchmarking with NVIDIA GPUs on qBraid

Chicago, Illinois


San Jose, California

Quantum Computing for Flight Trajectory Optimization


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A web-based IDE interface that provides software tools for researchers and developers in quantum, as well as access to quantum hardware, GPUs, and CPUs.
The qBraid-SDK is a Python toolkit for cross-framework abstraction, transpilation, and execution of quantum programs on hardware and simulators.
Harness 20+ quantum computers and simulators including IBM, QuEra, Oxford Quantum Circuits, Rigetti and Amazon Braket as well as flexible CPUs and GPUs.