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NYUAD Hackathon for Social Good


The NYUAD Hackathon participants learn about quantum computing and use quantum-based technologies while developing their own solutions and working in cross-disciplinary and diverse global teams. This special Hackathon is supported by top global Quantum Computing experts from both industry and academia such as Amazon Web Services, Qbraid, Google, Stanford, and Yale QC Hack 2022, The NYUAD Center for Quantum and Topological Systems, University of Calgary Institute for Quantum Science, Quantum Algorithms Institute (Canada), QC researcher from the University Linz, Microsoft, AstraZeneca, and IBM.
NYUAD, Abu Dhabi
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The team did amazing work transforming our satellite offices for our remote workforce.


qBraid has been instrumental in the growth of quantum initiatives globally and are particularly proud to support the New York University Abu Dhabi Hackathon for Social Good organized by Sana Odeh. This year, we provided both IBM Quantum as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS) simulators and hardware for the hackathon becomming one of the largest providers of quantum hardware.Working closely with Qiskit developers we provided the 16 qubit IBMQ Guadalupe and had open devices available as well with over 3000+ jobs ran across IBMdevices.Congratulations to the first place team Smart Current, on winning a trip to CERN courtesy of GESDA - Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator where their work will be showcased in Geneva.

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Tokyo, Japan

Quantum Chemistry Benchmarking with NVIDIA GPUs on qBraid

San Francisco, California

Intel Quantum SDK Version 1.0

Chicago, Illinois



| Quantum

A web-based IDE interface that provides software tools for researchers and developers in quantum, as well as access to quantum hardware, GPUs, and CPUs.
The qBraid-SDK is a Python toolkit for cross-framework abstraction, transpilation, and execution of quantum programs on hardware and simulators.
Harness 20+ quantum computers and simulators including IBM, QuEra, Oxford Quantum Circuits, Rigetti and Amazon Braket as well as flexible CPUs and GPUs.