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qBraid: The Premier Destination for IBM Quantum Lab users


With the sunset of IBM Quantum Lab on May 15, 2024, IBM has recommended qBraid, a leading cloud-based platform for coding on quantum computers and a member of the IBM Quantum Network, as one of the notebook environment solutions for former users. qBraid is eager to provide the best experience to those transitioning from IBM Quantum Lab, aligning with its mission to accelerate quantum computing adoption in the enterprise world.

qBraid offers a seamless experience with its proprietary, pre-configured Python environments, automating cloud setup and facilitating access to diverse quantum computers. Additionally, IBM users with existing code in older versions of Qiskit can easily run notebooks with versioned Qiskit environments, ensuring a smooth transition.

Here’s how you can seamlessly transition from IBM Quantum Lab to qBraid. For a more detailed version, visit our Docs page.

Step 1: Login and download all of your files from the IBM Quantum Lab.

Step 2: Create a free qBraid account.
Step 3: Initialize the qBraid Lab cloud environment and pick your desired backend.
Step 4: Upload your files into the qBraid Lab.
Step 5: Select your desired environment and kernel, and submit your quantum jobs!

Transitioning to qBraid lab opens up a vast array of features for users. is its open-source SDK, which allows users to design quantum circuits in Qiskit, Cirq, Amazon Braket, PyQuil, and Pytket. This flexibility enables users to transpile and run jobs on various quantum devices. The qBraid Lab platform boasts a fluid coding experience enriched with AI-powered omnisearch, code snippets, collaborative features, and easily accessible documentation.

For educators, qBraid Lab provides the same features as IBM Quantum Lab, including access to notebooks developed by IBM's Quantum Education experts and tutorial notebooks for relevant quantum applications, ranging from QAOAs to Grover Search. Enterprises and developers can leverage qBraid's platform to set up the requisite environments to support their events, whether it's a hackathon, conference, or a workshop.

In today's rapidly evolving quantum landscape, qBraid is excited to further empower the quantum ecosystem with an exceptional coding experience. Those interested in learning more about the migration can find resources here. For additional information about qBraid and its services, please visit

Quantum Advocate + Academic Innovation Team co-lead

Pranet Sharma

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