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QuSTEAM is a network of colleges and universities with industry employers offering quantum curriculum and professional development for instructors across all disciplines, as well network support. We hope to bring quantum information education to every campus.
Chicago, Illinois
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qBraid powers the QuSTEAM platform providing a software development platform that takes less than 5 minutes to onboard students and professors and allows for course with minimal dependency issues and installment conflicts.

The qBraid course manager and qBraid organizational management is crucial for the QuSTEAM team to deploy across the nation with hundreds of universities expected to use QuSTEAM in the coming years.

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Tokyo, Japan

Quantum Chemistry Benchmarking with NVIDIA GPUs on qBraid

San Francisco, California

Intel Quantum SDK Version 1.0

San Jose, California

Quantum Computing for Flight Trajectory Optimization


| Quantum

A web-based IDE interface that provides software tools for researchers and developers in quantum, as well as access to quantum hardware, GPUs, and CPUs.
The qBraid-SDK is a Python toolkit for cross-framework abstraction, transpilation, and execution of quantum programs on hardware and simulators.
Harness 20+ quantum computers and simulators including IBM, QuEra, Oxford Quantum Circuits, Rigetti and Amazon Braket as well as flexible CPUs and GPUs.