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Pulser, Pasqal’s quantum SDK for programming on neutral atom QC is available on qBraid Lab


Pulser, Pasqal’s quantum SDK for programming on neutral atom QC is available on qBraid Lab

The qBraid platform will allow users to play with Pulser in a matter of a few minutes. PASQAL, leader in neutral atoms quantum computing, and qBraid, a one-stop platform for quantum computing, announce the general availability of Pulser as a payable feature on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform “qBraid Lab.” Pulser is a quantum SDK from PASQAL, that allows users to design and simulate pulse sequences that target neutral atoms qubits on PASQAL’s neutral atoms quantum computers and create custom experiments tailored for a specific device. Pulser sets itself apart from many other quantum SDKs as it allows users to do digital quantum computation as well as perform analog quantum simulations. Starting today, all the features of Pulser that users love will be available on qBraid in a few clicks. All the example projects will be available in the user’s home directory and will work out-of-the-box on qBraid without having to install anything.

“The mission of PASQAL is to provide the best-in-class quantum hardware to the world. qBraid is leading the charge on taking quantum computing to the masses and we are excited about our partnership with them. This partnership will help us take our technology to customers in North America and worldwide. ” said Loic Henriet, CTO of PASQAL.

qBraid is excited to have Pulser as the first quantum SDK on qBraid that targets neutral atoms. The neutral atoms architecture for quantum computing is relatively new compared to other qubit modalities but it is catching up fast with many groundbreaking results coming out of the field recently. By making Pulser available on the qBraid-platform the two companies plan to accelerate the adoption of neutral atoms architecture for qubits. With Pulser becoming available on qBraid, the users will be able to design pulses for their experiments and simulate them in a matter of minutes.

“Building on neutral atoms technology, PASQAL is the leader in the quantum hardware space in European markets. We are incredibly excited to make Pulser available on the qBraid platform and we plan to tightly integrate Pulser into our various products moving forward. This will provide our global user and customer base access to the most cutting-edge software tools from PASQAL.” said Ryan Hill, CTO of qBraid.


The qBraid platform is a one-stop platform for accessing quantum software and hardware. It provides users with a streamlined experience for building software for quantum computers.  All the major quantum SDKs come pre-installed and are ready-to go at a click of a button.  In addition, users can gain access to quantum hardware through a single command, with no extra setup or accounts required The qBraid platform has been used at some of the top quantum computing hackathons in the world, like iQuHack by MIT and QCHack by Stanford and Yale.

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