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Estimating truncation effects of quantum bosonic systems using sampling algorithms


Masanori Hanada, Junyu Liu, Enrico Rinaldi, Masaki Tezuka

To simulate bosons on a qubit- or qudit-based quantum computer, one has to regularize the theory by truncating infinite-dimensional local Hilbert spaces to finite dimensions. In the search for practical quantum applications, it is important to know how big the truncation errors can be. In general, it is not easy to estimate errors unless we have a good quantum computer. In this paper we show that traditional sampling methods on classical devices, specifically Markov Chain Monte Carlo, can address this issue with a reasonable amount of computational resources available today. As a demonstration, we apply this idea to the scalar field theory on a two-dimensional lattice, with a size that goes beyond what is achievable using exact diagonalization methods. This method can be used to estimate the resources needed for realistic quantum simulations of bosonic theories, and also, to check the validity of the results of the corresponding quantum simulations.

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Masanori Hanada

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